Tentative Team Schedule:

Arrive by Wednesday July 8th the latest. Meet at track to receive your dirt bike the promoter will have for you. Add your TEAM USA Team graphics, add mods to your bike. Bring suspension, jetting, brake pads, anything you want to enhance your ride. Head to our Lodging 10 minutes away at College Saint Jean Catholic school address is 74 route de Blamont 55100 VERDUN


unofficial team dinner in Verdun location tba

Thursday July 9th The team will meet at the track to prepare the bikes to head to Etain (15 miles away) to practice track and get your dirt bikes dialed in. 

Wash bikes at car wash in Etain head back to Lodging and prepare for the official Team Dinner in Verdun location TBA

Friday July 10th head to track, practice starts, qualifiers start.

Saturday July 11th more qualifying motos. If you qualify in the top 3rd in your 3 motos from Friday & Saturday, you are in the Gold metal finale and don’t race till later Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night there is a huge track walk, where all the teams meet and walk the track at night. At a certain point the team will be judged for the loudest competition along with all the other teams in the parade. We are one of the smaller teams by far. This will probably be the BEST part of your trip!

Sunday July 12th morning starts the Bronze, then the Silver finale races. Later that afternoon the Gold metal finales begin.

Sunday evening Awards ceremonies for specialty awards (like the loudest team, father & son, etc) Then Individual placement awards 1st, 2nd, & 3rd only. Followed by the Overall Team placements.

Monday July 13th Head Home


Places we will or can go:

Trip Advisor for Verdun, France.

Verdun is completely surrounded by forts.

Yamaha – Husqvarna dealership Verdun Auto Moto Gervaise

Notre dame de Verdun Cathedral 

American WW1 Cemetery

The French National cemetery 

Very FAST Go Carts  Hwy route  – Scenic route

Mont Sec

Fort Douaumont

Chapelle-abri Saint-Hilaire, Douaumont

Fort Vaux


Trench of the Bayonets

Montfaucon Monument & Ruins

Butte de Vauquois

Plenty of places to eat – rated #1 Le Clapier – Miso Sushi – Subway


From an article on TRANSLATED

Verdun’s track will be the home of the MXMK for the 13th edition. It will be the 10,11 et 12 of july on the famous track named ” la valtoline” After 5 years at Commercy, the biggest european race for kids moves to Verdun “World capital of peace” they say. We were basically engaged for 3 years with the Commercy’s track crew ” say Michel Costich , the event’s organizer. ” but commercy was so good for the track and how it was easy to go there. There was a lot of space though. That’s why we decided to continue for 2 more years. Today we have the opportunity to move to Verdun. For sure it’s a big challenge but we are pumped to realise this”
The MXMK will keep all its soul and its initial state of mind. This made the event’s success for twelve years now since Blenod, Limes , Commercy and now Verdun.
Don’t worry, all the staff will not change, they will be there for you all the week end long. Party and race will be there too as always. The same officials than before will be there too. (race direction, the same emergency services, doctor, Arnaud who is the official announcer since the creation of this event, the same dynamic team on the gate line and in the pre-park also, the same hostess to administrative controls, the AMPL’s bus too. To sum up it’s all the MXMK’s spirit which will be with you during this 13th edition on the Valtoline track here in Verdun. This famous and mythic track with a glorious past where GP races and France pro nationals races were organized.
The brand new Verdun’s track crew, with a new owner also, Mr J.Denis, is ready and work hard to face this challenge. All will be OK as in Commercy for you to find what you love in the MXMK, for you to live that unique event and for you to have that famous MXMK’s spirit, nothing is comparable.
Currently, the track crew works hard on the track, they make some changes on the track and in the paddock also.
Registrations will be open on January 25 on
Are you ready?
End articale

We (TEAM USA MX) traveled as a team to this track 2 years ago to practice. The town of Verdun is much bigger and has much more to offer then Commercy did. It very rich in WW1 history, it has a beautiful canal running thru the center of town with many memorials and statues. There are much more places to shop, eat and the team will all stay together in a big lodge that the host provides for entire team, which will be approx. 10 minutes from they track. The team will practice at the same track as last year just outside the city of Etain. The practice track and the race track are now only about 12 miles apart. The old building that was there that I filmed from 2 years ago has been ripped down and is being replaced with new towers. They have been working on the track changes with heavy equipment for weeks and will continue to improve the track for everyone. The paddock is also being worked on. Both the track and the paddock can accept heavy rains because of it elevations and drainage they have in place. The track has many natural elevation changes and with the work they will put in from now till July I can’t wait. I am very excited about this venue change. I think it will be good for everyone. After coming in 3rd two years in row, I hope this year we can put a team together that will bring home the overall team championship. I have added a few photos of some of the track changes.
here is a video I shot at Verdun’s track 1 & 1/2 ago.

track1 track2 track3

verdun-france-city&mx-track verdun-france-mx-track