Class Structure

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Class Structures are different in most other countries than the USA.  There is no mod or stock class and generally, most European riders compete in only one class. Age is what you are the day of the race.

Event Classes: 

2016 class structure

It is very uncommon for European riders to compete in more than one class.  However, if you feel comfortable in more than one class, please note that on your application.   Also, please be clear on what bike/s you would like to ride and size.

If you feel you would like to try 2 classes, remember that the European class structure is different than here in the U.S and does not change, ever!  They run Class A, then B, then C always.  65 classes always run the moto before the 85 classes. Please understand in most cases, your rider will come straight off the track and right back to the line with no break at all.  Moto’s are 15-20 minutes.  Please look at the event website and the various class breakdowns.