Team Selection

Team Member Selection Criteria:

All Riders are encouraged to submit their resumes to join Team USA MX regardless of Ranking system below.

Next event is Verdun, France July 15, 16, 17

For the last 10 years, there has been a USA Team consisting on average of 10 riders that have represented the USA in the MXMaster Kids Championships.  The event has been held in Belgium and France.  Riders from over 25 other countries compete in this annual event.  Although riders compete in their respective classes for Championship titles, each country is represented by the sum of the individual results combined to determine overall Team placements.

So, in addition to competing for an individual Championship, you are also part of a Team that represents the USA against other countries and their Team’s. The best 6 finishes are added together from each team to determine the Team/Country placement.

As a result, we have created a site that riders, interested in being part of a USA Team MX can submit their resumes and allow us to have on hand process that allows all riders a chance at being selected to represent the United States of America.

There is a rating system to rank riders in each class.  If there are numerous riders applying for the same classes the rating system will be used to rank riders in their perspective class against other riders.  When the time comes to select the Team for that particular event, the top ranked in each of the classes will be contacted and asked to confirm their commitment.  In the case an applicant cannot attend, the next rider in the ranking for that class will be contacted.

The Website will contain additional information that you should know to help you in determining whether you are interested in being part of a USA Team.  Additionally, once riders are selected and agree to be part of the Team, a commitment conformation will be required.

Again, the website has a tremendous amount of insight information regarding things you need to be aware of and preparation for in traveling abroad.

Ranking System: (To be used ONLY when needed)

The rating system will work simply based on the class finish results of specific events added to the ranking of the event itself.  For example, If you finished 1st at Loretta Lynn’s,  you would have 2 points  1 point for the placement, 1 point for the #1 ranked National event.  Your ranked event average will be used for placement into team selection. 

1 Loretta Lynn AMA National

2 Mini Olympics

3 Ricky Carmichael Daytona SX

4 James Stewart Freestone AMA  Spring Nationals

5 Mammoth Mountain

6 Mill Creek  Spring Classic

7 Oak Hill GNC Finals

8 District State Championships

9 Other Championship Events

Example:  Rider A  1st place Mini Olympics (1+2=3),  2nd place Oak Hill GNC (2+7=9)  Total Points = 12

Example:  Rider B   1st Place Loretta (1+1=2), 1st Place Mini Olympics (1+2=3)  Total points = 5

Example:  Rider C 3rd place Daytona SX (3+3=6), 4th place Loretta Lynn’s (1+4=5) Total point = 11

Rider Ranking:

1 Rider B

2 Rider C

3 Rider A

Team Selection will take place mid May.