Parent & Rider Feedback

Feedback from Team Alumni:

Kevin Peters 2009 If you have the chance to do this, you must go! Myself, my son Kyle Peters and his mech. went back in 2009. We had such a great time in Belguim. The team got along great the host were great. Kyle won his race class and Team USA won the overall. What a feeling we all had to go overseas and compete as a team and as an individual. I’m glad Gregg from RADMX was there to capture all these memories for me & my family to cherish for years to come.

Lillian Beaumer 2017 was our first time to represent The US. This event/experience is something amazing. From the organization to the support from your team members The fans and Spectator’s are unreal. They do an opening ceremony that makes it like an Olympic event. I have never seen anything like it. And I’m from France. GO Team USA.

Caleb Hawkins 2017 Hands down one of the coolest moto experiences we have ever had. We have always wanted to go to Europe and race dirt bikes and when the opportunity arose we jumped on it without batting an eye. The experience and camaraderie as a team far exceeded our expectations. When everyone is yelling for Team USA you cannot help but get tears in your eyes. It felt like being in the Olympics for Motocross. In Motocross your pretty much a One-Man show but Talon learned quickly to work as a Team. The coaching, filming and team support are a Class Act! If given the opportunity…..Don’t find excuses, Find A Way…Just Go🇺🇸

Connell Radcliff 2009, 10,11 As a proud Moto dad whose son was on the 09,10 and 11 teams, let me say that this is perhaps the best experience your kid will ever have. It’s like being on an Olympic teaming the friends we made are still friends today! I highly recommend the experience.

Ashton Hayes 2006, 07, 09, 10  MX Masterkids is a great experience, I went multiple years and it’s unlike any other race here in the states. The racing, the track and the people are a lot different than here. Racing seems to be only half the experience because there is always so much going on, it’s a great time and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it more than once.

Corey Radcliff 2009, 10, 11 Well it was a great experience. Learned a lot about other countries and met a lot of interesting people from over there. As far as the racing is concerned, it was great to experience the team aspect of it and learn how to race for your team and country rather than just racing for yourself like we do normally. Overall, it was awesome being able to run up front and beat some of Europe’s top kids with the rest of our team. I still am good friends with everyone on our team from the 3 years I raced it and some of my best memories are from that race.

Tabitha Smith 2013 Our experience at Mx Master Kids in France was absolutely amazing! It was well worth it & would love for my kids to be chosen to do it again. I had 2 riders there last year one on a 250 & one on a 50. They both were able to enjoy and have the same experience. The promoters were wonderful and treated us like family. If you needed anything they were there to help. Also lets not forget the team manager Conrad. He was wonderful as well helping everyone with everything!!

Andy Kost 2014 Okay… So I was greatly fortunate enough to travel out to France to race the MX Masterkids for team USA. The whole trip and atmosphere seemed like a dream because we were all the ones with targets on our backs and almost recreates a smaller version of the MX des Nations with all the other countries competing. Im thankful that I was selected to go and hope that I can go back to redeem myself from last years performance.

Kyle Peters 2009 Going to Belgium with my Dad and Mech David was a great experience I will never forget. I guess winning my race class and winning the team overall helped!

Kelsey Morris 2013 Going to mx masterkids in France was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. The people there treat you like royalty coming from USA. Everything from the tracks, food, housing, cars, is so different than here. It’s something you have to experience yourself to get the full affect.

Dylan Greer 2014 Mx Master Kids was a great time, spending time in a new place with new people was different but fun. I had a great time with the racing and before and after racing with hanging out with people and going to different places and seeing different things. But the event itself was almost compared to an outdoor national. It was great time going and I plan on trying to go again.

Justin Coley 2009 One or the best experiences of my life, the people the atmosphere, really makes me miss the sport , a trip to remember.

Marty Morris 2013 Had a blast at the MX master kids in France ! A definite once-in-a-lifetime experience

Aaron Leininger 2009 Going over to Belgium for the MX Master kids was an awesome experience! It was cool to see how other countries put races on and it was cool to see so many people from different countries come together all for the love of motocross.

David Buller 2014 The MX Master Kids is one of the most incredible racing experiences I have been apart of. I have had some other riders tell me about the madness back on little bikes and I finally got to do it and was not disappointed. The people, the energy, and team USA are treated like kings out there. Wish I could go back!

TJ Rios 2009, 10 Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. Awesome to be able to go to other countries and see other kids you’ve never raced with. And racing in other tracks and being able to explore and tour in other countries as well.

Matt Karwat 2013 My trip to the Mx Master Kids was a great experience. Racing overseas was a lot different than in the U.S. Being a part of Team USA was a great privilege.

Ethan Mann 2014 France Masterkids race was one of the funnest things I have ever done. Had a great time, great competition and I really want to go back again.

Ricky Winter 2007, 2009 It was an amazing experience. My favorite part is the team aspect, pulling for each other to win.

Tristan Lewis 2009  Going to the mx master kids was a great experience for me. It’s probably the funnest race I’ve been to and it gave me a lot of confidence with racing. It was a big step for me.

Julie Lewis 2009 MX Master kids was the most amazing and memorable race we have ever been to. It was an experience of a lifetime for our entire family that we will never forget!

Kyle Lewis 2009 Mx master kids is on top of my list for races Tristan has competed in. Tristan was chosen to race for team cobra in 2009 and was treated like a pro rider the entire time we were in Belgium. We have so many great memories and gained many great friends from around the world.

Jennifer Mann 2014 Going to the race in France with Ethan was an unforgettable experience for both of us. So beautiful and unlike any other race I have ever been too. Would do it again for sure. Daniel Mann: I wasn’t able to go to France with Ethan but just the experiences I heard him and his mother talk about made me glad that he did the race. I know it will be an event that he will remember the rest of his life. I definitely want to go if we go again.

Lexi Kimes 2013 Going to the MX Master Kids was such a wonderful experience both on and off the track. One thing I really loved was the enthusiasm from the spectators. They were so loud with blow horns, chainsaws, and banners and approached us as we were famous, which was a really cool experience. Also, just being in the French culture was enjoyable for me because I love traveling and seeing new places. I would definitely go back if I had the opportunity to and love this event for its cultural diversity and passion for motocross.

Ronette Smith 2009  Our experience at MX Master kids was an experience of a life time!!! Met a lot of new families and friends!! The memories we made are amazing!!! The hospitality we received from the cobra team and families were irreplaceable. Our biggest worry was missing the race because we didn’t understand the announcer. Brandon met friends for life. He still talks about how when we first walked up to the track it was a field of grass and by the time it was all said and done it was a rough track with big ruts. His best memories is walking away with the championship!

Max Markolf 2009 MX Master Kids was blast! It was definitely an experience on and off the track! The team we had was a great group of people and racers! It was my first time traveling to Europe so it was different but very exciting! We sure did put a whooping on all the Euros too! MERICA!

Logan Mortberg 2019- We had an amazing week in France with Team USA. Logan placed second individually and helped Team USA win the overall. The team atmosphere was excellent. All members of the team helped each other whenever needed and we all watched every USA racer. On top of that we were treated like rockstars! Gregg and Conrad were awesome and got us the best equipment and also provided a lot of information about Verdun and France.

Logan Leitzel 2019- Getting selected to go over and race for USA in France was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so happy I decided to go.

2019 Jace Williams- After going to mx races when my dad started racing in 1973 I can say that the trip to MX Master Kids was the most fun race I have ever been to in my life. Jace was very blessed to be able to have this experience at only 11 years old. If you ever have an invite to go to this event you MUST jump at the opportunity. This year we opted to not go to Loretta’s and were able to go the MX Master Kids in Verdun instead. And I wouldn’t change a thing! It is easy these days to find fault with anything. But not so with this experience! The event ran on a strict schedule. The bikes provided to Team USA were fantastic. The track, while not exactly what we are used to at home, was true motocross while being both challenging and fun to ride. The promoter was always helpful and friendly. The parade of teams was simply amazing. The team jumped in and helped each other whenever needed. And finally, the team managers Conrad and Gregg did a great job supporting all the riders on and off the track. Jace is already hoping he gets the opportunity to go back and race the event again!

Gregg Brotman 2009, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 The biggest Amateur race I go to all year. The people treat Team USA like rock stars. It’s a great experience that in some cases is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get to race a dirt bike that is provided for you, of your choice, in most cases brand NEW, in France against kids your own age from over 25 countries. Any young Mxer’s dream come true.

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