General Info.

General  Information:

Language barrier – Although many of the racers, promoters and locals speak English, you will find that outside of the racing, you will be at a slight communication disadvantage. A pocket translator or simply taking some time to familiarize yourself with some of the basic communication words will help you immensely. We DO have a team translator to fall back on that will be with us most of the time. 

Race Bikes – are typically provided. While some are new, many are used but in good shape. We are able to add or change anything we need to get it comfortable for the rider. It is the rider and support team responsibility to bring any and all comfort items as well as any modification components and spare parts. Typically, we always get a day of testing prior to the start of the event. Example suspension, jetting, brake pads, things that can be taken with you on your travels, so you don’t have to buy it there. It will be much more there. We test at a practice track 15 miles from the event in Etain, France on Thursday. you are responsible for any parts you may need .ie tires, broken rims, etc. 

If you bring your personal suspension, make sure there are NO stickers or decals that indicate there is any pressure or gas in the suspension or the airlines will not allow you to take the suspension on the aircraft. Tell them they are empty. A metal or plastic gun case works well for most suspension components.

Lodging – The promoter will provide lodging in Verdun, France 

Passports – are a major issue and can take weeks to obtain. You will need a passport to enter another country. Once you are at your final destination you can travel in your car from country to country without a passport. You only need it at the airports.

Airline tickets & car rental – As soon as you are notified of your selection to be on the Team waste no time in booking your flights. There are many different routes to take to get to Verdun, France via many airlines. CDG (Paris) is best, you can also fly into LUX. Rent your car online when you buy your flights. Paris is about 2 & 1/2 hours or 160 miles due west of the track. Example is about $1000.00 including a compact-size car rental from Tampa TPA to CDG as of 6/20/18. Transportation to and from the event is your responsibility. Fuel is about $3 to $5 a gallon. Paris CDG to track driving route or LUX Findel airport to track driving route

Food –  There are several LARGE grocery stores in the town of Verdun near the track. You might want to bring a supply of snacks but remember what you bring you have to carry thru customs/airports etc.

Racing Fees – All of Team USA’s entry and spectator fees are covered by the promoter. You will pay a 70 euro FIM/FFM membership fee. You must also rent a transponder.

Time differential –  Be aware that there can be a substantial time difference between where you live and where you are going. EST at Noon here is 6 pm there. You will be 6 hours ahead.

Hospitals there are God forbid 3 hospitals literally minutes away from the track.

Money –  Be aware of the money value exchange rate from US to EURO varies. This varies you can do it thru your bank, most major Airports have exchange counters. Best way, make sure your credit card will work in France. When arriving go to the closet or most convenient ATM, there are several right in Verdun. This will give you the cheapest conversion rate you will pay. It is important you have cash (Euro’s) or a Credit card that has a chip with a pin number for European use. Please contact your banking center ahead of time if you are not sure.

Cell phones – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for Verizon users turn on international calling feature (go to your online account or call them) and use your domestic plan over there. You WILL need mobile data to drive around if you plan on using your phone to navigate. 

Team Shirts – will be provided for the rider and mechanic 6 in total. extra’s can be ordered for $10 each. Every year a great company steps up and provides the team with t-shirts or team shirts.

Graphics – Every year a awesome company provides the team with matching TEAM USA MX graphics. 

Video, Photos & Social media – Gregg Brotman from will be shooting an overall event video for Team USA (approx. 30-40 minutes) of on and off the track action that goes on over there. Interviews, photos, LIVE social media posts to keep friends & family posted as your races are completed is also included. A Team USA video will be produced and posted online here in the USA & in Europe on major websites. You can expect coverage from the European media groups like 

Total Cost – Typically in the past years flight & car around anywhere between $1000 to $1500. Since the lodging, race bikes, entry & race fees are all taken care of. You will only be responsible for your own flights, car rental & gas for your rental, food, any extra entertainment. The riders all chip in for the fuel for the bikes. FFM/FIM membership, transponder, parts for you’re bikes.

Please don’t get the Mx Master Kids confused with the FIM Jr. World Championships the AMA hand selects that team.

For more info. from the Promoters official Mx Master Kids web site go here to the English version 

History of the city of Verdun. A great video for Verdun, France – Battle of Verdun video –  Deeper look at the battle

The promoter for the MX Masterkids “Michel Costitch /MX FAN”

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Team USA MX reserves the right to swap or change riders, classes and or bikes and you may not be exclusive in your racing class for the betterment of the team.

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